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Robert Mack

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Robert Mack is a visual artist who has received two major museum exhibitions and creates artwork in a wide range of the media arts: fine art photography, painting, video installations, documentary film, and as a foundation arts executive, consults for many major entertainment studios / companies.


Robert’s ongoing project is his WRAPPED SERIES where he covers subjects with sheer material creating intimate, beautiful and moody work that examines themes such as dreams, beauty, emotion, death, even transcendence. Where Christo wrapped buildings, Robert wraps people. His artwork is created at sunrise, out in the silent Southern Californian Hi-Desert where the flat horizon early light allows for magic to happen. Robert uses both digital and old school film mediums, creating images that remain pure as they are not manipulated with digital effects technology. Robert’s photographs capture a moment of experience that reveals an inner deeper nature and asks us to reconsider them again and again. “


My Wrapped Series is an ongoing fine art project that began in 2008 when I covered a muse with translucent material. There is nothing more interesting to me than to photograph the human face and form. I feel a subject and photographer can enter an unspoken pact of trust and when this occurs the resulting image has the possibility to transcend the two participants. The Wrapped Series images are taken at sunrise in the desert, where I cover my subjects with sheer material and create intimate work that is not only a collaboration between the muse subject and myself but with nature’s natural ever-changing light. In a way, I paint my subjects with the material and the resulting work looks more like paintings than traditional photography.


I also create Wrapped videos which to me are visual poems. My Wrapped video “ Someone Said “ is a hauntingly beautiful longing for love, lyrical video, that features actress Radha Mitchell and late artist Mauricio Saravia, which won an international digital competition judged by Howard Fox, senior curator of contemporary art at LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. “

Robert Mack Works
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