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Medium: Suminagashi, Japanese Marbling & Photography, Ink on Archival Photo Paper in an Oak Frame

Size: 26" x 38"


One-of-a-kind, hand signed and ready to hang



This is work from the "Ocean Auras" Collection. A collaboration with my husband photographer, Ben Kaller.


Kathleen co-creates with the element of water using Suminagashi, an ancient Japanese marbling technique. With a paintbrush she drops ink on the surface of water, pooling together color stories and creating abstract formations reminder her of lifelong experiences on the oceanside.  She then captures the floating print by lying rice paper onto the ink.


Ben uses his camera to study the ocean from both on land and in the water.

Using his senses as a photographer and a surfer he observes the way, light, color and elements of life integrate with the dynamic energy of the coast. 


Together they have both infused both their visions to create "Ocean Auras".  The vibrant imagery pays homage to this natural sanctuary.  Ben prints these images on archival photo paper and Kathleen marbles each piece creating a one of a kind collaborative work of art.

Rise & Shine

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