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Mysterious spices and captivating, aromatic resins. Reminiscent of a great European basilica or a secret sacred altar. Made with Amethyst and Clear Quartz, this combination of stones is excellent for working with the third eye and enhancing abilities to perceive and interpret energies of the aura.  Amethyst acts as a companion when working in the healing arts.


Mindful was designed to open and balance your third eye chakra. The Third Eye Chakra correlates to our mental abilities, psychological skills, and how we evaluate beliefs and attitudes. When the third eye chakra is balanced you’ll have strong intuition and inner wisdom, and the release of the ego. The Mindful candle will release any energy blockages that might be getting in the way of your intuition so that your third eye chakra can spin freely and radiantly.


In order to prevent the candle from burning poorly, you will need to remove the crystal with a spoon after the first three to four hours of the first burn. Once you remove the crystal from your candle wax, you can bring it into any of your spaces to fill the room with abundance, protection, positive vibes, and love.


The notes:

Top: Lavender Orange, Camphor

Middle: Vanilla, Clove, Cedarwood, Davana

Base: Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Musk


The affirmations:

  • My mind is slowing down.
  • I am centered and stress-free.
  • My mind is quiet and calm.
  • I have an inner peace that can’t be disturbed.

Nitty gritty:

  • Burn time: 70+ hours
  • 100% natural soy/coconut wax
  • 100% Eco wick
  • Hand poured in Los Angeles
  • Affirmations will provide stronger energy


Wellness & Well-being (Intention) & Fresh Starts & New Beginnings (Intention)

Mindful Candle

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