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Medium: Stainless Steel

Size: 47 1/5" × 81 9/10"


Referencing natural shapes that fold and bend into space – tectonic plates crashing, subsequently creating mountains, plants growing its seed and unfolding leaves in the process – Troice takes a mathematical as well as spiritual approach to a collective consciousness, a symbiosis of human logic and natural creation. 


Troices’ interpretation of being expands from the shape of organic matter to universal mathematics, zooming into atomic details in order to unfold physical forms to human consciousness and highlight their interconnectivity. 


The artist uses Origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding as metaphor for the art of metamorphosis. This form of transformation requires no addition (like a clay sculptor adds material to shape forms) or subtraction (like a marble sculptor would take away material to carve out forms): it creates new form just by folding the given matter.  


Square One Contemporary's curated selection of his works features sculptures titled Source, which references the shape of DNA string, Wave, referencing the gravitational pull of the moon causing tides – its effect on life on earth, Ring, a representation of the perfect form, created by straight lines – a mathematical play on imperfect perfection, a nod to sculptor Kenneth Snelsons’ Circlespheres and Santiago Calatrava architectural-mathematical approach to the straight line circle, as well as the representation of the Atom as the core particle of creation. 


The sculptures come in different finishes, supporting the messages carried by their shapes: 


Polished stainless steel represents reflections of each other, bouncing off the corners of the universe. Rusted steel represents imperfection and decay – the path of life. The remaining three finishes, white, grey, and black, represent the monochromatic repertoire of the artists’ oeuvre and the eternality of the grey scale

Fragments | A, 2021

  • Packaging and Installation: Ships out in custom crate and personal installation

    Shipping Time: 14 business days

    Please inquire further at for further information on this piece and details.

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