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Jade Hirtle

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Jade’s powerful works offer a vision of the human experience through energy. She views these unseen energetic vibrations as a form of non-verbal communication - a universal language.

Self-awareness, transition, and connectedness are common themes to Jade’s work.  Her vibrant paintings are filled with glowing light, lush colors and polished lines that alternatively evoke geometry, symmetry, and dynamism.  Different combinations of colors and thicknesses represent a narrative; while body parts are clues to their meaning. 

Since Jade was a child, sensitivity and over-stimuli have been a struggle. Sensing the feelings, life force, thoughts, a pulse of people was normal. Jade’s catharsis is through art and used to tune in to this existing part of her life. 

Jade’s mission is to create transformative art that inspires and empowers human connection with ourselves and others.

Jade Hirtle Available Works
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