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Hannah Streety


Hannah Streety (known as "Streety Art") is a Los Angeles-based artist. She has been creating vibrant works of art for over 10 years and exhibited in numerous gallery shows and events in the LA area. As an established artist, Hannah is a deep lover of all things Rock N' Roll, and many of her works are musically inspired. Blending in this musical inclination, Hannah also has a serious passion for interior design. Her understanding of shape and form comes through in her works. Although deceptively simple, many of her pieces contain over 10 layers of paint to create opacity and texture!

Her current works are playful and musical, yet have matured into the completely abstract; the juxtaposition of colors, iridescent layers, and underlying textures embolden her signature style. Hannah's compositions are minimalistic, yet thoughtful and a reason why her work appeals to so many collectors and designers looking to amplify their contemporary space.

Hannah Streety Available Works
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