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David Troice


David troice is a contemporary sculptor and artist based in Mexico City. His first childhood memories marked his life and work, searching constantly for the shape and harmony of the Universe through his folds. “My first memory of the world is seeing my dad skydiving, folding his shoot, each layer with tremendous accuracy taking care not to tangle the ropes and make it all flow ... His life depended on it and that made me think of -the fold- as a kind of mystical ritual that made up the world”.


His fascination for origami grew over the years and became inspiration. By learning the art of folding materials such as paper to form figures that were capable of flying, floating and “moving”, the artist discovers the transformation of the material into expression to create his own world. 


In 2009, he began his studies as an industrial designer at the Universidad Iberoamericana before transferring to Massachusetts College of Art in 2013. There he learned to cast metal and a range of other sculpture techniques which have enrichened his perspective and work to this day. In 2015, he graduated from Massachusetts College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.


His early career focused on creating mosaic murals inspired by origami patterns. Gradually, he discovered the qualities in ​​geometry that enabled him to materialize his view of reality by exploring the reaction between light, space and matter.


In 2018, Troice began the sculptural formation of his work in steel. This widened the field of exploration and expression, as he focused more on the -fold- and transforming his paper maquettes into steel sculptures. The amplification of paper into a bigger scale and different material introduced new metaphors in his discourse, broadening his vision towards the perceptions of life through the decaying of rusted metal, the pronounced shadows on opposed faces of a piece and the bouncing reflections in polished steel. The mix of technique, style and material gave birth to an entirely new universe of expression.

David Troice Available Works
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