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Adrien Miller


Purist, Classical, Functional Art with a dash of Contemporary Whimsy. Meet Adrien Miller...

"As a visual artist, I value the beauty that brings about well-being. Much of my work arises from merging my love for sculpting and painting the human form with my need for making things that feel good to use in daily living.

In 2007 I received my BFA from California College of Arts and Crafts with an individualized major in sculpture, painting, and photography. After college, I took a 10-day silent vipassana meditation course that brought about a major wholesome transformation and continues to influence my work as a human being and artist.

I began Teaching ceramics, excited about educating others about the fine art potentials of clay 2 nights a week for 10 years before my recent transition to focus full time on my own art.

The majority of the ceramic work I produce is made from recycled clay. I salvage scraps and dried out blocks from various studios that otherwise would be tossing good clay into the dump. By recycling this abandoned clay, I am able to build a relationship with it while I'm mixing and wedging it, so that I get to know it very well before I even start to make anything with it."

Each work is made with love from Seattle, Washington, and will have slight variations other than depicted. Please email for further questions and lead-times.

Adrien Miller Available Works
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