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0.2 Fragrance


Meet Holly Riddel, serial entrepreneur and founder of 0.2 Fragrance. 


Holly is the creator of 0.2, a beautifully down-to-earth, dynamic, and vibrant unisex fragrance that will inspire and empower anyone that wears it. Holly's travels have allowed her to source ingredients from only the finest of apothecaries around the world to create this beautifully inspiring fragrance. 0.2 is based on the maxim that it only takes 0.2 seconds to make a lasting impression on someone.

Let's go deeper...


While Holly is not creating, she leads powerful, purposeful, and curated spiritual journeys around the world for those seeking to harness their inner strengths and find self-love. Her intention is to not only offer her gifts as an incredible motivational speaker, but to incorporate her thoughtful creations in these experiences; instilling lasting memories and bonds between those who choose to participate.

0.2 Fragrance
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